Once Saved Always Saved

The Word of God

Once saved, always saved, upon His Palm we are engraved,

Engraved within God’s Hand, in The Lord, we take our stand,

All given by The Father God, to The Son with an Eternal nod,

For all those who do believe, Eternal assurance they receive.

Grafted into God’s Family Tree, becoming members eternally,

Eternal members of God’s family, by His Grace from Calvary,

Family through His Grace alone, through no effort of our own,

Except, for our faith in Him, Christ, who saved us from all sin.

It is all by Grace, not of works, that we’ll receive eternal perks,

An Eternal Life with reward, from the Grace of Christ our Lord,

His Grace of Eternal endurance, from which we get assurance,

In the finished work of Christ, who alone paid the eternal price.

If it’s by Grace it’s not of us, but, of the One in whom we trust,

The finished work of The Son, finished at Calvary for everyone,

All fully covered by His Blood, Grace afforded by God’s Love,

Grace which offers full salvation, not to some but every nation.

Complete salvation by God’s plan, fully in Christ, to every man,

After we come to faith in the Lord, salvation by God is secured,

We can’t be taken from God’s hand, Christ helps us understand,

So when in Christ you truly believe, Eternal Security you receive.

(Copyright ©05/2009)

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