He’s Mindful Of

God's Sovereignty

The Eternal God who reigns above, knows everything I’m thinking of,

And knowing my heart’s every care, I have never a reason to despair.

For He set the entire world in place, by His mighty Power and Grace,

And as Eternal God and King, He controls this world and everything.

My life today is in God’s hand, even those things I don’t understand,

But, I truly know that in my Lord, my troubled heart can rest assured.

As God set the limits of the earth, and He offers to men a New Birth,

Through His Grace to all of those, who in His Mercy, God has chose.

It is The Lord above, whom I trust, even though my frame is but dust,

God, who gave to me Eternal Life, this in His Only Son, Jesus Christ.

And it’s Christ, who does guide me, in ways that I do not always see,

Who alone began a work in me, which shall continue through Eternity.

So when my heart really gets down, a peace alone, in Christ is found,

Which alone, can relieve any fear, for Christ my Savior is always near.

And there is nothing that I can hide, from His Spirit who dwells inside,

Who continues with me everywhere, even through every trial and care.

Christ is my Guide and my Friend, Who shall be with me until the end,

To help me up wherever I may fall, for Christ is The Eternal God of all,

Never hindered by the will of man, I am fully secure within God’s Plan,

As I journey upon the earthly sod, protected by Christ’s staff and rod.

(Copyright ©06/2009)

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