Eternal Realm

The Word of God

Life is but a drop in the sea, in the eyes of God of Eternity,

A tiny mist that is here today, and by the wind, blown away,

A day is like a thousand years, a span one life never nears,

A thousand years, but a day, for the God of an eternal way.

He measures not by our time, but, in units of eternal design,

His measure that has no end, and no beginning either friend.

God places upon me and you, God’s eternal cost and value,

And the cost for all human life, is redeemed by Jesus Christ.

We are precious in God’s sight, all of His Saints in the Light,

Precious at our last breath, in His sight, Saints at their death,

As He planned for Saints of God, more than this earthly sod,

Eternally, a Heavenly destination, amid His Plan of Salvation.

Then we shall have an eternity, to be all we were meant to be,

As we serve our Eternal Lord, in places no one has explored,

With eternal ways in store, when time as we know is no more,

As all the years we had on earth, will seem of very little worth.

Mortals clothed in immortality, with Glorified Bodies eternally,

To live not like we did before, but sinless to live forevermore,

Entering a sphere so sublime, not hindered by night and time,

With light far as all can see, moving into the realm of Eternity.

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