How Will They Believe?

Probing Questions

How many hearts will receive, God’s Eternal Message and believe?

The Word of Truth, as they hear it, when moved by The Holy Spirit.

But before believing they must hear, God’s Truth, which is so near,

The Living Truth, Who lives within, all believers saved from their sin.

How will they hear with no preacher, those without a Godly teacher?

Those willing to share God’s Word, until all on the earth have heard,

The Truth of our Lord’s Salvation, in The Light of God’s Revelation,

Sharing with everybody in our life, the Saving Truth of Jesus Christ.

Who is it that The Lord has sent, to warn all other people to repent?

To turn away from darkened ways, to follow Christ, to God’s praise,

Turning sinners to a different path, to avoid God’s Righteous Wrath,

Turning them form things not right, to walk a new life in God’s Light.

Friend is this not to be all of us, who have believed in Christ Jesus?

Who are sent by God above, to share with others our Savior’s Love,

Through the message of the Cross, with men who are presently lost,

So they can be saved by Grace, when The Truth, they also embrace.

Won’t you this day, make a choice, to be for Jesus Christ, a voice?

Making your Purpose in this life, pointing all others to Jesus Christ,

For beautiful are the feet of those, who The Lord and Savior chose,

To bring others His Good News, when His Will, is what you choose.

(Copyright ©07/2009)

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