What If We Could See Ahead?

Probing Questions

With times looking so very bleak, what if we could take a peek?

Of things that lie ahead for us, those who walk with Christ Jesus.

As it is Christ and Christ alone, who plots the path of all His own,

Man’s destined path, to fulfill, not man’s purpose, but God’s will.

My friend, if indeed man could, look ahead, you think we would?

Knowing that the times ahead, could bring us joy or bring dread.

Is not our tomorrow a mystery, one time in which we cannot see?

Is it God’s shield for all of us, a time for us to employ real trust?

What would be the heart of some, if we knew what was to come?

Within the heart of that individual, if a darker time was God’s will.

God knowing all, who He will test, to be a lighthouse for the rest,

Would it affect how we think, or even cause one’s faith to shrink?

What if some saw no trial ahead; would it skew our faith instead?

Would it cause that heart to swell, with a pride thinking all is well?

Is this why God truly limits man, from knowing God’s entire plan?

While daily guiding all of those, who truly follow Christ who rose?

So we are content in God to know, what pages of Scripture show,

Knowing this is but a temporal time, before an eternal life sublime,

No matter what our life may be, our real home is Heaven, eternally,

When we come to faith in Christ, God promised us an Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©05/2009)

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