Who’s Following Who?

Probing Questions

Why do many politicians deceive, those in the land who truly believe,

The Word, written long before, these men stood on the Senate floor?

God’s Word, written by men of Old, regarding what God has foretold,

About the things to be fulfilled, not how man but how God has willed.

How can we be blessed by God, as these men with a convincing nod,

Speak to people across this land, while they assert a Godless stand?

Making stands that have inferred, new ways opposed to God’s Word,

Moving from our firm foundation, as they weaken this beloved nation.

How can politicians stand so aloof, while distorting fundamental Truth,

Only to further their own policy, while dismissing The God of Eternity?

Their ways are not apparent to all, as Knowledge of God is truly small,

In the minds of much of this world; as the darker policies are unfurled.

How can these men be so arrogant; pursuing policy, they’re truly bent,

On treading underfoot all God’s ways, in their quest for men’s praise?

Self-willed politicians, filled with pride, they cast all God’s ways aside,

Basing reason on human deduction, they pave the way to Destruction.

Are these politicians, truly deceived, by the power they have received,

Or fully aware of a darker plan, that is hidden from the common man?

A plan that’s known by many of us, who in God have placed our trust,

But, it’s God’s Plan that will prevail, while man’s dark plans surely fail.

Is there no Godly fear in their heart, while from Truth they truly depart,

Making policy on their own accord, dismissing the ways of our Lord?

In these days who’s following who, as mere men govern me and you,

Do they not realize and understand, God still reigns over every land?

(Copyright ©06/2009)

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