Doors of Opportunity


Opportunities are given to those, believers, who the Lord has chose,

To share God’s Truth with the world, Truth every believer must herald.

We’re to be ready all of the time, even if there is no reason or rhyme,

To seize all God given opportunity, to direct men’s minds to Eternity.

Our time upon earth is brief for sure, so we need to enter every door,

Which is opened by the hand of God, as we’re lead by staff and rod,

While walking in faith, not only by sight, to be a Witness of His Light,

Being lead in a true spiritual sense, and mindful of God’s providence.

God’s providence truly paves the way, as we live our life, day to day,

Knowing that we’re in God’s will, His desire in believers, God shall fill,

Being kept every day by His Grace, as God guides us place to place,

To reach upon the earth everyone, with the Good News of God’s Son.

We must be mindful of the fact; God has given to us what we lacked,

As men before we came to believe, with the Spiritual gifts we receive,

Supplying to us what God needs, so that we can sow spiritual seeds,

This as we witness while in this life, sowing all seeds for Jesus Christ.

God may simply be watering those, seeds that another believer sows,

While His Spirit moves upon a heart, as believers simply do their part,

By seizing opportunities every day, as He opens doors along the way,

Daily opportunities God will afford, to those who witness for our Lord.

(Copyright ©06/2009)

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