My Help And Guide

As I search for what I can do, I simply put my trust in you,

Looking to a future I cannot see, you alone, will guide me,

Just like the times gone by, with all my help from on high,

Your help shall not change, as my God remains the same.

Peace comes from your hand, in times I don’t understand,

What may be in my tomorrow, when I see so much sorrow,

In these times, that I live, I need that peace you freely give,

The peace to all who believe, through the grace we receive.

I shall look to you every day, for your direction on the way,

And on that path, which I take, my life, you will not forsake,

So as we see even darker days, it’s you alone who I praise,

As your faithfulness of the past, in my life will certainly last.

As these days surely darken, it is your voice I shall hearken,

As my help comes from you, who alone will see me through,

To you I lift up my daily prayer, to share every heartfelt care,

Sharing burdens of my heart, to my God, Who won’t depart.

All comfort comes from above, as you lead me in your love,

To a place, I yet don’t know, one which you, to me will show,

And so I live each day by faith, guided by your loving Grace,

As I seek out your will for me, on a temporal path to Eternity.

(Copyright ©07/2009)

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