From The Left


As the world moves to the left, we must stay our course instead,

Pointing men towards the right, out of the dark, into God’s Light,

From the broader road indeed, we must help men see their need,

While we’re here upon this sod, and point all to The Truth of God.

It’s still the Lord God, who saves, from the road this world paves,

That road which is a broader way, that is getting darker every day,

This is where God’s Light comes in, to free all from a world of sin,

From that road to be condemned, a broad road designed by men.

That road today, is broader still, as men abandon God’s Holy Will,

With amoral opinions oh so strong, many turn from right to wrong,

Turning black and white to gray, adding more to man’s broad way,

Turning aside from God’s ways, seeking not His, but man’s praise.

The broad way, we can be assured, will be destroyed by our Lord,

As every Godless manmade path, will see God’s Righteous wrath,

As men deny God’s Eternal Truth, they set themselves for reproof,

Turning from The Word of God, they’ll see Christ’s Righteous Rod.

So we must be a Light for Christ, willing, for God, to pay the price,

Speaking out against that crowd, lifting The Word, high and proud,

Helping some men out of the night, from the left, back to the right,

Pointing men from the darker fray, back to The Lord’s Narrow Way.

(Copyright ©06/2009)

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