Changing Souls

Spiritual Change

Only God can change our soul, making man spiritually whole,

Filling that void in all men, when in Christ they are Born Again.

Friend, there is a void in us all, produced back at Adam’s fall,

As The Lord departed from us, to declare, we’d return to dust.

Today many do wander aimlessly, with no direction spiritually,

Which is the spiritual aftermath, of man desiring another path,

Than that one, presented to him, which introduced man to sin,

Separating all men from God; alone on earth made them trod.

Alone, still with spiritual need, were Adam and his future seed,

Man seduced by a dark force, and cast out to another course,

By the devil he was lead astray, much like men on earth today,

Adam was deceived in Paradise, and today men pay the price.

Since then what God has done, was send to us, His Only Son,

He came to redeem fallen man, to reinstate God’s perfect plan.

Christ is that One to fill that hole, God’s Answer for every soul,

To fill our spiritual emptiness, we need Christ’s Righteousness.

No longer do we need to stray, as God provided for all a Way,

To have a fulfilling spiritual life, through the Lord, Jesus Christ,

Who indwells every vacant heart, with The Spirit, He will impart,

When we come to faith and trust, for salvation, the Lord Jesus.

(Copyright ©09/2009)

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