Freedom In Christ

When we receive God’s Salvation, we are freed from condemnation,

No longer at enmity with our God, we’re now lead by Staff and Rod,

In Christ, with God, we have peace, a relationship that will not cease,

Saved out of the world of strife, we’re granted, by God, Eternal Life.

True Freedom from God we receive, when in Christ, we truly believe,

While in this life we are free of fear, as The Lord God is always near,

While seated now upon His Throne, Christ watches over all His Own,

And our Father has complete control, over every trial, big and small.

We can be free of discouragement, in The Spirit, who God has sent,

Sent to be our Counselor and Guide, to all believers, to dwell inside,

While in this life, to encourage us, as in The Lord, we place our trust,

With our eyes fixed upon His Son, through all trials when they come.

We too have freedom from defeat, for in Christ we’re now complete,

By saving us from the power of sin, we now can live our life for Him,

As His Spirit helps us to live above, all our trials, guided in His Love,

For in Jesus Christ we have victory, through His power from Calvary.

Believers today can rest assured, knowing Jesus Christ, as our Lord,

Even through life’s darkest night, we’re guided by The Savior’s Light,

With God’s promise of Eternal Life, through our Savior, Jesus Christ,

And we have this freedom eternally, all through the Cross of Calvary.

(Copyright ©06/2009)

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