God’s Righteousness

God's Sovereignty

God’s Righteousness was revealed, when to The Church, Paul appealed,

As he proclaimed Truth to everyone, who was saved by God’s Own Son,

Teaching every one of those, who believed in Christ, who died and rose,

Who would grant all believers in Christ, eternal hope and a righteous life.

Through Paul’s letter, Spirit Inspired, he stated righteousness is required,

From everybody on this earthly sod, who desires to please Eternal God,

As no one is righteous, no not one, except for God and His Eternal Son,

And without Him on the present path, we’ll only see His Righteous Wrath.

But, Righteousness is provided for us, when in Christ we place our trust,

Imputed to believers as they believe, when God’s Truth they truly receive,

The Righteousness of Jesus Christ, provided to all through His Sacrifice,

So we can stand before our Creator, in The Righteousness of our Savior.

God’s Righteousness is explained, from the knowledge Paul had gained,

For he was a well taught Pharisee, and he had meet The Lord of Eternity,

As Paul explains how we are justified, by Christ, who for all sinners died.

And He purifies the believer’s heart, with His blood, as they are set apart.

Paul practiced what he would preach, for the people that he would reach,

As an example for all Believers today, as they walk Christ’s Narrow Way,

While they work out their salvation, through the process of sanctification,

With our old lives for Christ crucified, we live so Christ Jesus is glorified.

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