I Stand In Awe

Indeed once again I stand in awe, as God is so big and I’m so small,

And yet, He showed His love for me, by sending His Son to Calvary,

Sent not to be praised by men, but so that He would be condemned,

As Christ had come to this earth, so that I could have a second birth.

Friend, once again, I stand amazed, that a sinner, like me was raised,

Raised up by God to a New Life, through His Only Son, Jesus Christ,

And now positioned in Heaven above, sealed forever by God’s Love,

Paying for all men, sin’s full price, by sending Jesus as our Sacrifice.

As death is the penalty for our sin, and that was all placed upon Him,

Upon Jesus, God’s Eternal Son, not simply for me, but for everyone,

For all the sin of this entire world, upon Him, God’s Wrath was hurled,

Down upon the Cross of Calvary; God’s wrath meant for you and me.

In truth I’m humbled by the thought, that salvation for all was wrought,

Truly, for each and every nation, affirmed by Christ’s own declaration,

“It Is Finished” while on the cross, God’s Salvation, for all sinners lost,

As all the world’s Eternal Creator, became for all men Lord and Savior.

All of our punishment, Christ endured, while God’s Wrath was poured,

Upon God’s Lamb, in our place, as He established this Age of Grace,

With Christ’s act He would preserve, an Eternal Life, we don’t deserve,

As Holy Children of God’s Family, to reign with Jesus Christ Eternally.

(Copyright ©02/2009)

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