Choosing His Path

Lord, I need to see the way you make, before I select a path to take,

From the ways you plan far ahead, for me on this earth, in my stead.

Knowing what will be best for me, regarding the things I may not see,

And that you’ll open up my eyes, to that choice, that is eternally wise.

The choices that I alone do choose, are tainted with my fleshly views,

Choices which are not always best, so in your wisdom, I need to rest.

When I totally rest in you Lord, my future hope remains quite assured,

Not in these things of earth that I see, but, in your promise of Eternity.

The wisdom far superior than mine, is wrought by your eternal design,

By The Spirit, who now lives inside, when through Him, in you I abide.

And as I follow your Holy Word, I can experience blessings I’ve heard,

From others you have seen through, darker trials, when abiding in you.

I want your guidance all of my life, in times of calm and through strife,

As my personal will, I sacrifice, as a follower of my Lord Jesus Christ,

To walk each path you chose for me, while I also reflect upon Calvary,

As I want to be faithful to the end, through every single trial and bend.

So Lord help me not only today, but, again and always along the way,

Tomorrow and even far beyond, as through your Word I’ll correspond,

Choosing what will be only your best, in the face of a trial, or any test,

So I can live out these earthly days, to your honor and for your praise.

(Copyright ©11/2008)

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