Another Force

The Word of God

He is there as times are strong, guiding us thru right and wrong,

With His sure and steady hand, in ways we may not understand.

But, He guides unbelievers too, as He guided both me and you,

Before we came to the Cross, when we were also spiritually lost.

Upon this temporal earthly course, there’s another spiritual force,

Vying for the lost souls of men, hoping they remain condemned,

The very one who caused the fall, would keep men in a sinful lull,

Keeping men indifferent to Truth, so that they see God’s reproof.

The opposing Truth is Salvation, found in God’s Holy Revelation,

God’s written Word for all to read; His Eternal Truth all men need,

To be liberated from sin’s curse, that eternally will only get worse,

And Jesus Christ is the only key, for freedom that spans eternity.

With Satan’s time running short, God’s Holy Word, he will distort,

As Satan continues to deceive, all men who may want to believe.

An influence of wrong not right, to sway them deep into the night,

Less their eyes be open to light, and see Truth with spiritual sight.

Darker principalities of this world, have darker forces yet unfurled,

With Satan’s time nearing the end, he desires your soul my friend,

But if Truth is a choice you make, your soul, the devil cannot take,

Instead, you’ll be sealed by Christ, to enter with Him into Paradise.

(Copyright ©10/2008)

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