Pearls of Truth


Be careful with whom you dine, as not to cast your pearls to swine,

People who shoot from the hip, when we select men for fellowship.

As believes actions must coincide, with the Spirit who dwells inside,

Reacting to cause God no shame, departing from all who the same.

Spiritually discerning we must be, when sharing the Truth of Eternity,

Though we know some very well, we’re different as Heaven and Hell.

Even some very dear to our heart, regarding God we stand far apart,

And sharing God’s pearls of Truth, only invites scoffing and reproof.

But, God above will bridge the gap, as we follow the Believer’s Map,

Which is the Eternal Word of God, as we travel upon the earthly sod,

On a journey to a Heavenly home, prepared by Christ, to be our own,

Eager to bring others with us friend, before this journey sees its end.

Following God’s guide from above, we must show our enemies love,

As The Lord’s Spirit works in them, we should seek to be their friend,

As God’s soldiers of the Cross, we are on a journey to seek the lost,

Allowing God to lead the way, as the Spirit gives us the words to say.

So when others see we truly care, God’s pearls of Truth we can share,

As their hearts become open to, God’s Truth, that saved me and you.

We just need to be prepared, for when men want God’s pearls shared,

And God’s Spirit will do all the rest, when we just do for God our best.

(Copyright ©11/2008)

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