Amiss At Christmas

Many people offer others amiss, sharing with them on Christmas,

Taking this day to share a gift, that creates in some a spiritual rift,

Sharing not the Gift that God sent, which moves sinners to repent,

And change the day to celebrate, the Gift to all, greater than great.

Of any season out of the year, believers should talk with little fear,

When people talk of the Child, who came to all, so meek and mild,

Saying that He now Reigns over all, upon His Throne, not in a stall,

And that He’s coming back again, as the Savior and Judge of men.

Why be limited as believers in Christ, when we live out our daily life,

To just one season or one day, to share The Father’s chosen Way?

To voice the one great consolation, sent from God, to every nation,

The reason Christ came to earth, that man may have a spiritual birth.

Many only celebrate the birth of Him, Who came into a world of sin,

Leaving a Majestic Throne above, to bring to man The Father’s love,

A love that had the biggest price, as God’s Gift became a sacrifice,

That manger took Him to Calvary, where Christ died for you and me.

We should celebrate all year through, for all He did, for me and you,

Maybe why men do not celebrate, is that many truly don’t anticipate,

Christ’s return to alter all things, as Lord of lords, The King of kings,

Bringing real change to all friend, with joyful celebration with no end.

(Copyright ©12/2008)

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