His Nail Pierced Hands


Those hands pierced at Calvary, are open today for you and me,

Offering some God’s Salvation, while to others, their restoration,

To those Believers, who know Him, but, who have fallen into sin,

So the newly saved and restored, can both serve the Risen Lord.

As the task at hand is for all, those in Christ, both big and small,

All restored out of trouble in sin, and all newly converted to Him,

All to be part of the mission, to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission,

Given to all, when Christ we receive, to help all around us believe.

We are all saved by God’s Grace, and set in Christ’s Eternal race,

With a goal we’re not to diminish, a race that has no earthly finish,

While on our Savior we fix our eyes, striving for that Eternal Prize,

God’s prize not for one but all, who in service answer Christ’s call.

A call for each and everyone, who accepts the Gift of God’s Son,

And comes to New Life in Him, lead by Christ’s Spirit living within,

Guided by the Spirit of God, to be His witness on this earthly sod,

A witness to the Cross of Christ, offering reason for His Sacrifice.

Pointing to His nail pierced Hands, as we journey across all lands,

Even facing many unknown harms, we’re safe in His Eternal Arms,

As the world we try to reach, with God’s message we must preach,

That God above waits for you, to accept the Cross of Calvary too.

(Copyright ©01/2009)

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