Prophets Without Honor


You may be a prophet without honor, in the home of an earthly father,

Mocked by a sister or a brother, also, misunderstood by your mother.

From the family you grew up in, you are now divided by Truth and sin,

For God’s Truth, in which you now abide, puts you on a different side.

Now, you have a Heavenly Father, who, with your life, you now honor,

And brothers and sisters in Christ, who support you, in your New Life.

Regarding old sin, we walk away, regardless what our family may say,

Striving together to do what’s right, hand in hand in our Savior’s Light.

With no honor from our own family, still living, just like we used to be,

Without the indwelling Holy Spirit, they’ll scoff at Truth as they hear it.

And only the Spirit can open the eyes, of those who claim to be wise,

So instead of twisting Truth they hear, they’d be filled with a holy fear.

Friend, a prophet is one whom God, uses while upon this earthly sod,

To share God’s Truth with all men, in a world, that stands condemned.

But, a prophet’s family may not heed, the saving Truth that they need,

As your witness for Christ our Lord, by your family, just goes ignored.

Friend that is why we need to pray, thus backing all the words we say,

So that all of the seeds we sow, will take root in their hearts and grow.

This, so that your natural family, will acknowledge the God of Eternity,

And then join us as a prophet of, Christ our Savior, who reigns above.

(Copyright ©09/2008)

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