All your days can be beautiful, when you let The Lord fulfill,

His ways and plan in your life, and His blessings will be rife,

If we only believe and trust, blessings will pour down on us,

As He opens up floodgates of, all blessings He has above.

Blessings upon us are poured, when we submit to The Lord,

This to follow all of God’s ways, as we live out all our days,

Listening to the Holy Spirit, and His prompting as we heat it,

Guiding us to those doors, where grace and blessing pours.

Then Grace will begin to flow, in ways that we’d never know,

Flowing from an endless supply, His blessing for you and I,

Blessings will flow abundantly, down to all of God’s Family,

As we live our life for Him, while keeping our life free of sin.

Blessing is to, subtle friend, in strength, as we near an end,

Coming in that final hour, when you truly need divine power,

With peace as part of a course, from a never ending source,

Peace, knowing God is near, when your heart begins to fear.

Blessings you’ll be assured, follow all who live for The Lord,

Even in a dark and lonely place, as God ministers His Grace,

The Grace, that began at Calvary, to lead all men to Eternity,

Where Blessing from our Lord, will flow to them forevermore.

(Copyright ©09/2008)

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