Changing The World

The End Times

It was said let’s change the world, but real change is yet unfurled,

A change that many know not of, not by man, but by God above.

Through the one man used by God, as He walked the earthly sod,

As He who now in Heaven reigns, incites an unsuspected change.

When He descends to the clouds, to gather His redeemed crowd,

All those saved from the night, will be removed from man’s sight,

When Christ raptures His Church, the world will be left in the lurch,

With a sudden absence of light, all know to be wrong will be right.

The man this world shall extol, is not from God, not of God at all,

He’ll be used to promote a plan, that’s not from God, but of man.

Unsuspecting will be every land, as he surges up to take a stand,

Promoting a peace and prosperity, that every nation longs to see.

Men in the lap of the evil one, who stands opposed to God’s Son,

For Satan will use anyone he can, to deceive the hearts of all men.

When God’s Spirit is lifted friend, it’ll be the beginning of the end,

As God has strong delusion poured, on those who reject the Lord,

This so they will believe the lie, of that one man to be exalted high,

That wicked one that Satan fills, so he carries out all the devil wills,

And that will be earth’s darkest time, all around Satan’s evil design,

With eternal change then ushered in, by our Lord, who knew no sin.

(Copyright ©11/2008)

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