Great And Mighty

Great and mighty is The Lord, while loved by many and adored,

For all that He’s done for us, our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus;

When in Him we put our trust, sinners destined to return to dust,

He granted to us a New Birth, providing to us our Eternal Worth.

Now seated in Heaven above, He’s so deserving of all our love,

Reigning from a Throne on high, Lord and Creator, of you and I;

Of all life Christ is the Creator, and to many Christ is our Savior,

This when we’re moved by Grace, to accept God’s love by faith.

Ruling over every single nation, is the Author of man’s salvation,

Aware of everything down here; believers haven’t a need to fear;

For the plan, which God’s begun, will be completed by His Son,

Who, purchased us on Calvary, now is preparing us for Eternity.

“It is finished” Christ did cry, finishing redemption, for you and I,

As all work to cleanse us from sin, was fully completed by Him;

By Christ’s work we’re forgiven, on a cross as nails were driven,

Into His feet, hands and side, when on the cross for us He died.

Now risen to Glory, is Jesus Christ, to offer all men Eternal Life,

A new life, anyone can receive, if in The Lord, they only believe;

And Great and Mighty you’ll proclaim, lifting praise to His name,

As a member of God’s Family, with a home provided in Eternity.

(Copyright ©02/2010)

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