Amazing Grace

God's Sovereignty

Amazing Grace, how sweet God is, and all because of this,

The Gift He sent upon a Cross, God’s Gift to all those lost,

A gift that is deserved by none, the Gift of God’s own Son,

Our Blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, who came to give us life.

His Grace reaches far and wide, and no one shall be denied,

Who comes by faith to Him, Christ, who died for all their sin,

And all who seek His face, receive from Him amazing Grace,

Grace that opens up that door, to life with God forevermore.

It is a Grace that’s from above, guiding us here by His love,

A love that sent His only Son, to be the Savior of everyone,

With His love, comes a peace, that from God will not cease,

Peace unlike the world’s friend, inner peace that has no end.

God’s Grace truly changes men, in Christ they’re born again,

Sinful men of this earth, now bound for heaven by new birth,

Fallen men, now changed for life, in a world where sin is rife,

Now living life for the Lord, since His Grace was not ignored.

Grace will soften a hard heart, giving a life a brand new start,

By giving a soul eyes to see, God’s Truth, regarding eternity,

Turning a soul to the place, where they receive saving Grace,

At the Cross of Calvary, where Grace began for you and me.

(Copyright ©09/2008)

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