Dawning of God’s Light


As morning breaks a new dawn, the sun above shines upon,

The darker face of the earth, as a new day The Lord will birth.

Now hidden is that lesser light, so evident in the darker night,

Staging another day at hand, to be God’s witness in our land.

Every day is much the same, as we lift up our Savior’s Name,

In praises throughout our day, and talking to Him, as we pray.

It’s not just another day for us, but another day for all to trust,

In God our Savior, Jesus Christ, with every aspect of their life.

It’s in the day, not the night, that God provides for us the light,

To do all that we need to do, as God provides for me and you.

It’s the night when many fall, not worried about God’s will at all,

Men catering to their own needs, and some even darker deeds.

Even those who live not right, can be influenced by God’s light,

This as we live our lives for Him, in a dark world plagued by sin.

Our witness is for all those near, though in God, they don’t fear,

For from the light we impart, God can change the darkest heart.

So when the day turns into night, we can still shine God’s Light,

While even in the darkest place, shining on all His saving Grace,

This to be a witness to all men, so that some will be born again,

Born of God, like you and me, to dwell in God’s Light Eternally.

(Copyright ©01/2009)

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