The Campaign Trail

The End Times

Aged or youth, you make the call, one will rise the other will fall,

Wisdom is grounded in age, as youth wants to turn a new page.

Both desire to take the lead, to address and handle every need,

Going on surely not to lose, but to be the one that men choose.

One, with his charismatic zeal, to the youth he has much appeal,

Speaking of much need change, while others he tries to engage.

Trying to create a broader base, to eloquently lay down his case,

That experience has little to do, in being a leader for me and you.

His opponent on the other hand; experience is his stage to stand,

Speaking of all he has done, and all he will do, once he has won.

With experience makes the claim, he’s more than just a new name,

His experience charts his course, unlike who may be a dark horse.

Each one, from the campaign trail, watches the other rant and rail,

As they do all that they can, in changing minds of opposing men.

While scrambling to win the race, missing is the element of grace,

Grace that sustains the nation, allowing them both in this situation.

Campaigning on strengths they hold, the issue is not young or old,

Nor is the issue wisdom, my friend, if it is only the wisdom of men.

And neither campaign can afford, to ignore the issues of The Lord,

They can run with a confident nod, but, will not get far without God.

The outcome will be God’s selection, for the winner of this election,

Affecting not just two men, but all, with the changes big, not small,

No matter what the polls do say, changes ahead will be God’s way,

Using the final outcome friend, for blessing or judgment in the end.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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