Living Soberly

God’s Grace appeared to all men, in a world that was condemned,

Teaching us to live with holy fear, as the Day of Christ draws near.

We look to our Blessed Hope, our Lord Jesus who helps us cope,

Living soberly, while on this earth, through the power of New Birth.

We live daily with Eternity in mind, in a world that can be so unkind,

As we deny all the worldly lust, while in our Savior we place all trust.

Believers must live the present life, with Godly fear for Jesus Christ,

Living lives that are transformed, to this world we’re not conformed.

Christ, who redeemed us at the cross, will purify us of worldly dross.

He shall purify us for good works, with our eyes upon Eternal perks,

Obeying Truths Paul passed down; we will receive an Eternal Crown,

One that will never fade away, when entering Heaven to forever stay.

Now working for The King of kings, His Spirit helps us do all things,

Through the power of His Throne, God purifies a people all His own,

These are the things we must teach; to all the men we need to reach,

As believers testify to every nation, in the power of God’s Salvation.

Letting no one despise us, friend, as life on earth shall one day end,

But, rebuke and admonish those, who believe in The Son, who rose.

Soon we’ll hear that trumpet sound, and raptured up to Holy ground,

To be with Jesus Christ our Lord, beyond all the clouds forevermore.

(Copyright ©07/2008)

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