Safe From Satan

The Word of God

Satan who seeks to cause us woe, won’t get far when Christ you know,

The One above who gives you peace, even as trials seem not to cease.

As the devil stalks to trouble us, Believers, in Christ, can put their trust;

Reigning above, He’s over all, including the one who caused man’s fall.

Although he roars, we have no fear, for Christ, our Lord, is always near,

And that serpent is a defeated foe, who’s facing our God’s eternal woe.

Though he did bruise Christ’s heel, Satan’s eternal doom, God will seal,

As He casts him into the Lake of Fire, to end that devil’s wicked desire.

Today that wicked one is alive and well, pending his eternal stop in Hell,

Busy stalking, to deceive all men, in this world, that stands condemned.

But as a believer, make no mistake, all of His own, God will not forsake,

All of those men belonging to Him, God has included in His Eternal Win.

For back at the Cross of Calvary, Christ gained for believers the victory,

Not only did Christ die in our stead, but ultimately crushed Satan’s head,

And the ultimate death of all iniquity, that presently plagues you and me,

With death swallowed up in Victory, as God leads Believers into Eternity.

For all those upon earth found in Christ, God will grant them Eternal Life,

Going from here to an eternal Shore; tempted by sin and Satan no more.

This New Life is offered to everyone, from God, through Christ, His Son,

Who for God, became a Sacrifice, for us to enjoy a Satan free Paradise.

(Copyright ©10/2008)

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