The Media’s Slant

On the American Bastion of Conspiracy, daily in America watch and see,

News broadcasted day and night, portrayed to make wrongs seem right,

The Editor takes footage and skews, their final piece, they call the News,

Taking what is viewed and said, editing that piece to their needs instead.

My dear friend, it’s easy as “A B C”, to notice who leads this conspiracy,

Friend, it’s somewhat hard to deny, that they feed daily, the public’s eye,

For their sound bites lead the way, for this nation’s liberal agenda today,

While conservatives see that exit door, liberal ways abound all the more.

Many watching don’t see the stage, being set for the final end time sage,

Who will lead all to the final mark, in a future that will be darker than dark,

Being forged by the Media’s elite, to bring conservatives down to defeat,

Perpetuating the left, liberal cause, as the nation’s moral foundation falls.

They will continue to skew all their news, until they reap their eternal dues,

Falling directly in line with Satan’s plan, up until they see The Son of Man,

Trying to explain the Rapture away, before they shall face Judgment Day,

When the focus of their news will be, on a world leader they’ve yet to see.

They’re moving to a figurehead, mortally wounded will rise from the dead,

And though they dismiss Jesus Christ, the Media shall exalt the Antichrist,

After The Church is lifted from earth, things down here will get only worse,

When the Image all will worship friend, shall be driven by the Media again.

The End Media Bastion of Conspiracy, will usher many souls into Eternity,

Being used as Satan’s End Time tool, in deceiving every unbelieving fool,

Broadcasting that everything is well, as the multitudes are headed for Hell,

Ending eternally with the ultimate liar; cast into an everlasting Lake of Fire.

(Copyright ©07/2008)

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