Warned of Other Gospels

Other gospels men may know, but, where do they eternally go?

There’s only one Lord Jesus Christ, only one way to eternal life,

And men who believe the same, profess salvation in one name,

The One and Only Son of God, who walked on this earthly sod,

This led our Lord to Calvary, to provide God’s way into eternity.

Other gospels taught by man, may be derived from God’s plan,

But by men they’re modified, following the one who initially lied,

To the woman we know as Eve, in the Garden man had to leave,

Ignoring Truths they were told, Satan’s deception they’d behold,

Paying then an ultimate price; banished from God and Paradise.

Setting the stage we see today, of many believers, but one way,

From the beginning of the earth, new life in Christ by a new birth,

Spiritual birth required for all men, as in Christ we are born again,

Born anew from the Spirit above, sent to all by the Savior’s love,

Our Creator and God’s Only Son, who came to die for everyone.

Before dying He talked to those, who’d follow Him after He rose,

A warning not to be deceived, by men saying, they too believed,

As many will come in His name, with another gospel to proclaim,

If Christ warned Disciples friend, about the deception in the end,

Don’t men need the only path, to save them from Eternal Wrath?

(Copyright ©07/2008)

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