The Transaction of Salvation

The transaction of our Salvation, was rendered by God of Creation,

Transacted down upon the earth, to bring to fallen man a New Birth,

Salvation rendered by His Son; one transaction made for everyone,

Paid by Christ, for all man’s sin, that penalty due, was paid by Him.

Justification for sinners was made, when the price for sin was paid,

Now declared Righteous, by God, while sinners on this earthly sod.

Redemption is not just inferred, as sinners, by God are transferred,

Ransomed from sin’s marketplace, into God’s Family by His Grace.

Propitiation is also involved, with God’s Wrath against us resolved,

As His Righteous Wrath was satisfied, when for sin Christ had died.

Regeneration as well has a part, as God cleanses a Believer’s heart,

While Christ’s Blood cleanses sin, from believing hearts deep within.

Renewal then takes place in that soul, as The Spirit makes us whole,

Helping New Believers to grow, as signs of New Life begin to show,

Reconciliation for man was done, in the finished work of God’s Son,

As to God sinners were restored, through the Gift of Christ our Lord.

All of this, for those who believe, when by Faith, Christ they receive,

A transaction made for us in love, by The Father, who reigns above,

Paid in full upon Calvary’s Cross, to redeem for God a peoples lost,

To become part of God’s Family, not just for a time, but, all Eternity.

(Copyright ©03/2009)

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