Waiting For You

God's Sovereignty

The Lord God was always there, friend, you simply didn’t see Him,

Loaded down with a heart of care, and tainted by unbelief and sin,

And God was there at the start, knitting you together in that womb,

But, many from Him grow apart, and God in their life has no room.

The Lord God has room for all, within His Everlasting, Eternal plan,

That’s everyone friend, big or small, He made room for every man,

Friend, it’s not the Lord, but us, who need to make a change within,

And only as we come to Him in trust, can that change inside begin.

It’s God, who’s waiting patiently, wanting all to come to redemption,

And give to them new life eternally, to everyone, with no exemption,

Christ Jesus was indeed sent by Him, to offer all men reconciliation,

It’s through Christ God pardons sin, of every man from every nation.

It is not God, who moves, but men, as they move far from His Truth,

And in a world that is condemned, to remain apart they face reproof,

His Truth is offered to every land, through the message we proclaim,

With hope that all will understand, true freedom comes in One Name.

The Lord will not always wait, for this present age will someday end,

Something you need to contemplate, before you depart dear friend,

As a mortal man, made from dust, for you to experience eternal life,

Choosing to believe is a must, in The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©07/2008)

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