Against The Family

The Word of God

Every family has one or two, members who don’t agree with you,

About many issues in this life, who lead conversations into strife.

Tensions they seem to manifest, putting differing wills to the test,

Which can be cut with a knife, while they talk of issues in this life.

They fill a family visit with stress, with subjects that they address,

Friction caused can’t be denied, as they push moral beliefs aside,

Subjects they consider to be gray, within this darker, present day.

Their amoral views they don’t hide, as they live on the darker side.

Debating and despising Truth, as they cast at you strong reproof,

The real truth of the matter though, it is really a spiritual undertow.

As they become further deceived, rejecting the Truth we received,

An evil current by a deadly foe, tainting all they believe and know.

They are blind and cannot see, God’s Truths or the eternal enemy,

Who fills them with consternation, regarding any spiritual situation,

Hardening hearts so they can’t see, Truth from the God of Eternity,

Keeping them of His Revelation, to hinder them from His Salvation.

All to deter them from Jesus Christ, who gives to men Eternal Life.

Truth from them he tries to hide, so The Lord and Savior is denied,

So that they shall never know, the Lord above, who loves them so,

And never come to the Salvation, given by the God of all Creation.

(Copyright ©06/2008)

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