Bought For Eternity

I stand now with all behind me, ever since The Lord did find me,

Christ who found me in the night, in a world where wrong is right,

For it was Christ who sought me, and His blood that bought me,

Buying me out of the market of sin, to give me a new life in Him.

Stirred to seek me in His Love, from His throne in Heaven above,

Sending His Son to die for me, who would grant me life eternally.

Wonderful Shepherd that He is, He knows the sheep that are His,

And loves us all back to His fold, where God’s Truth men behold.

Now we see, but as in a mirror, but as the end draws ever nearer,

All believers saved by Grace, will see the Shepherd face to face.

Now looking forward to that day, believing that it is not far away,

We live today for God’s Son, who gave up His life for everyone.

By The Lord we’ve been set apart, with His Spirit within our heart,

To be for Christ, Salt and Light, for those still caught in the night.

Saved by God out of the world, with His eternal gospel to herald,

A message of Hope to all men, in a fallen world He will condemn.

For Christ who had died for me, died that day for all of humanity,

And today is the day of Salvation, our time to reach every nation,

So now, with my old life behind, an eternity ahead is on my mind,

To reach all those I can in this life, with God’s gift of Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©05/2008)

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