Are You Just Saved?

Probing Questions

Just saved or have you been converted, while in a world so perverted?

With heart and mind transformed, no longer desirous to be conformed.

Do you have a truly repentant heart, to desire from old ways to depart?

To now walk in ways that Glorify, The Lord above, Who reigns on High.

Being bought with a precious price, will you not for the Savior sacrifice,

The old way of life or earthly desire, for a purpose that is much higher?

Don’t all Christians own their life, to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

And friend, isn’t only reasonable, to give of your life not some, but all?

For we were dead in trespass and sin, before we found new life in Him,

With no hope beyond this earth, then we received from God, New Birth,

Now we have real Hope and a new destiny, which takes us into Eternity,

Through an eternal life with our God, that goes beyond this earthly sod.

If Christ came down here to serve, what is it, which we haven’t learned?

And if our God gave us His Only Son, why aren’t we in the race to run?

That race set before every one of us, by God’s Son, in whom we trust,

To run as though to get that prize, while upon our Lord we fix our eyes.

It all begins as Believers repent, to follow The Spirit, which Christ sent,

To turn away from old sinful ways, and live for Glory and God’s praise.

Not for praise from men down here, but to live for God in reverent fear,

Knowing that when this life is past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

(Copyright ©12/2008)

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