A New Beginning

The End Times

A new beginning without an end, with Christ as Lord and friend,

With older ways now left behind, when in Christ new ways I find.

New found ways to live my life, all to the praise of Jesus Christ,

This as I begin to Honor God, as a pilgrim upon the earthly sod.

Until my earthly pilgrimage ends, my path will have many bends,

As I travel down every road, on a journey to my heavenly abode.

To when I step out of this past, into a future that will forever last,

As I enter that Heavenly place, prepared for me by God’s Grace.

This life will end, be assured, even for those who know The Lord,

But, what He began shall continue, by The Spirit who lives in you.

All who have embraced the Savior, will be blessed by the Creator,

For we are promised by our Lord, that we’ll receive eternal reward.

All believers can eternally trust, the one who began the work in us,

As He holds together everything, Christ the Eternal Lord and King.

Although this work He will finish, its eternality shall never diminish,

Once we’re finished here on earth, we’ll have work of eternal worth.

He always was and will always be, so with Him we’ll reign eternally,

Although we had an earthly start, once with Him, we’ll never depart.

We’ll finish what He began down here, in a time that’s drawing near,

And once we see Christ our friend, time together shall have no end.

(Copyright ©03/2008)

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