Not Just Millions


In one song men sing of Millions, but, that number is actually Billions,

Those who grope in darkness today, not knowing God’s Truth or Way;

One-third of the earth’s population, doesn’t embrace God’s Salvation,

Along with those who haven’t heard, the saving Grace of God’s Word.

As believers stop, to think of this, multitudes today need our witness,

Of Eternal Truths entrusted to us, as we came to faith in Christ Jesus,

It is the only Truth that man knows, as all the spiritual darkness grows,

To grant all men that required light, to free them totally from the night.

Jesus Christ, is The Light of this world, the Only Truth we must herald,

For The Way, The Truth and The Life, is none other, than Jesus Christ,

As Christ alone paid sin’s full price, as The Father’s Atoning Sacrifice,

And He alone, as God’s Only Son, came unto this earth for everyone.

There’s no reason for any to grope, in the darkness, with God’s Hope,

The only Hope for all mankind, who came to save the spiritually blind,

Today it remains our Lord’s desire, that passion burns in us like a fire,

To motivate us to reach all the lost, with God’s message of the Cross.

So today, we must never be silent, as the people who Christ has sent,

Into the present world of darkness, flooded with man’s hopelessness,

To offer God’s Hope and new sight, which leads men to Eternal Light,

Bringing Billions to Salvation’s Door, to a life with Christ forevermore.

(Copyright ©08/2009)

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