Fear Not


Jesus Christ said, Do not fear, this because He’s always near,

Near to all who trust in Him, through His Spirit who lives within.

Though He died, He now lives, and a boldness to us He gives,

His boldness, for us to proclaim, the power of His risen Name.

The name by which men are saved, from a world so depraved,

And from this world, lost in sin, men are saved by faith in Him.

Through this faith in Jesus Christ, God gives to us a New Life,

Taken from the dark of night, we now live in the Savior’s Light.

We’re left to remain in this world, as His Disciple and a Herald,

With His message of Salvation, to be brought to every nation.

Preaching to all loud and clear, that Christ’s return is very near,

Holding forth that message of life, only found in Jesus Christ.

Fear in this life has no part, with Christ’s Spirit within our heart,

As believers witness for our Lord, pointing people to the Door,

God’s Door to life eternally; His Son who died for you and me.

Now today, with eternity in mind, all fears within are cast aside.

When in Christ we put our trust, a boldness He then puts in us,

But not a boldness of our own, but boldness from His Throne,

Though fear still comes our way, we trust in Christ day to day,

To fearlessly proclaim His Truth, this in spite of men’s reproof.

(Copyright ©03/2008)

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