The Christmas Message


The Christmas message we must herald, is Christ came for all the world,

When Our Lord left His Eternal Throne, to come to a people all His Own,

As Christ came to the nation Israel, as the Word of Prophecy He’d fulfill,

John the Baptist witnessed for Him, coming to save His people from sin.

In a human form He’d condescend, so Spirit of Truth we’d comprehend,

Coming to earth as Light and Truth; to dwell among men as living proof.

But the Nation Israel, God’s Elect, regarding John’s witness would reject,

The Lamb of God and His Salvation, sent by God, to His Chosen Nation.

In Jesus Christ men saw Eternal God, who came to walk this earthly sod,

Jesus condescended to you and me, the God of Heaven and of Eternity.

The very essence of God, was Christ, Who had come to be His Sacrifice,

To give His people a Hope and Peace, that from God would never cease.

Christ was born through a human birth, to dwell with man upon this earth,

Flesh we could see, touch and hear; the Eternal God men reverently fear.

Proof sent from His Father above, to demonstrate for everyone His Love,

Sending His Only Son, Jesus Christ, to earth, to grant all men Eternal Life.

The Eternal Creator, of all things, came to this earth, as The King of kings,

To give His very life a ransom for all, to redeem all men, from Adam’s fall.

God came in Grace and affirmation, through Jesus Christ, to every nation,

So, if in His Son you’d only believe, Eternal Life in Him you would receive.

(Copyright ©12/2008)

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