Are We Doing All God Needs?

Probing Questions

Are you an influence for The Lord, as you live your daily life?

Or is your witness just ignored, caught up in your daily strife?

We’re to impact the lives men, which we bump into every day,

Now that we are Born Again, to show others God’s Only Way.

Do you live with Christ in mind, called to be for God His light?

When someone may be unkind, treating you in ways not right?

Jesus showed us how to live, and a love that we should show,

And Grace to us He would give, to help others come to know.

Do men see the Light of God, if you walk into a darker place?

In this darkened world you trod, led by the light of His Grace?

For God’s Light we are to be, lifted high by Christ, upon a hill,

Placed where all men can see, and done according to His will.

As you live life in this world, do you point men to God’s Truth?

Is your life for Him a Herald, with your own life as living proof?

It’s God’s Truth we’re to proclaim, to all people of every nation,

In the power of Christ’s name, pointing men to God’s Salvation.

Are we being, as Christ’s bride, the people whom God bought?

Living our lives truly crucified, to walk what we’ve been taught?

Are we doing all that God needs, willing today to pay the price?

Living this life sowing seeds, so others come to faith in Christ?

(Copyright ©02/2008 Bob Gotti)

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