God’s Peace

God's Sovereignty

There is a peace available, in troubled times, but not to all,

A peace available all the time, greater than peace of mind,

And this peace goes everywhere, to handle every tiny care,

But it has no limits to, the problems it can see you through.

The peace that I’m speaking of, will only come from above,

Peace God gives to His own, flowing down from His throne,

The peace of God all receive, when by faith they do believe,

The Gospel Truth of His Son, Christ, who died for everyone.

Though He died, now He lives, as this peace to us He gives,

Sent to believers in this life, to shelter them from daily strife,

The Holy Spirit is God’s agent, in whom God’s peace is sent,

The Spirit is our true comforter, giving us peace in trials sore.

This peace for us is secured, by the work done by The Lord,

And the only part left for us, is to place in The Lord our trust,

Then with a loving nod, Christ sends to us the peace of God,

A peace into a believer’s heart, that from God will not depart.

Peace always there for those, keeping eyes on He who rose,

Who gave to them a new life, centered in the peace of Christ,

This as that believer lives, through the Spirit that Christ gives,

Providing them God’s peace, in their heart that will not cease.

(Copyright ©02/2008)

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