Eternal Truths

The Word of God

In God’s Word you will hear, Eternal Truths, all men should fear,

A fear that comes as you heed, the Truths of God that you read,

Eternal Truths for all us to see, revealed by God to you and me,

A Divinely inspired Revelation, by God to lead men to salvation.

Revealing His Truth, for us to tell, others about Heaven and Hell,

Through the Holy Spirit of Christ, He shows eternal truths of life,

And He, who gave all men breath, speaks to all of eternal death,

God sets right before everyone, death or Eternal Life in His Son.

The fear God puts in me and you, is reverence to see us through,

To Guide us on this temporal earth, to that place of eternal worth,

As God moves upon our heart, with a Love, which will not depart,

And a fear that makes men wise, as His Spirit opens up our eyes.

They just say we have no proof, about God’s Word we call Truth,

And so God’s Truth they deny, embracing instead, the Devil’s lie;

Although you will die my friend, the eternal soul will have no end,

Your body in the ground may rot, but, your eternal soul shall not.

Some may read and simply say, that all men will just die anyway,

With no care at all, when or why, or where they go when they die,

But, every soul at its last breath, will face God and eternal death,

Unless a soul knows Jesus Christ, then he enters into eternal life.

(Copyright ©02/2008)

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