Ball of Confusion

It was once said with no exclusion, that earth is a ball of confusion,

People racing every which way, with the world changing day by day.

But, all the confusion they may see, is not confusing for you or me,

This if you too, know The Lord, Who gives wisdom, when implored.

Wisdom, to know what is to be, from a realm that the eye can’t see,

A spiritual realm above us all, that governs this entire terrestrial ball.

All the confusion that we perceive, is by one, who wants to deceive,

The Devil, God’s eternal enemy, confuses men, so they cannot see.

The reason so many are confused, is God’s Truth they have refused,

Eternal Truth directly from Him, to free men from the bondage of sin,

Rejecting the Truth of God above, they receive not His guiding Love,

Or the guidance from His Spirit, so reject His Word when they hear it.

The Holy Lord is a God of Order, while Satan is the wicked distorter,

Distorting the Holy Word of God; confusing men on this earthly sod.

The Devil is the god of disorder, while acting as a rational supporter,

As he deceives the minds of men, so they don’t become born again.

To be left in the ball of confusion, created by the master of delusion,

He who wants only hearts to deceive, so they won’t come to believe,

In The God above every nation, Who alone, offers all men salvation,

The only true eternal solution, to save all from this ball of confusion.

(Copyright ©02/2008)

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