The Throes of Change

Today, we’re in the throes of change, as men attempt to rearrange,

With ideas that come and go, the ways of life we’ve come to know.

With political change in the wind, proven ways they want to rescind,

Behaviors prescribed by our Lord; the only ones that have endured.

But, like the flower and the grass, all political rhetoric, too will pass,

Even after men’s votes are cast, their imposing plans shall not last.

As many campaigning on our sod, have truly forgotten a Holy God,

In a land so blessed by Him, they instead, support the people’s sin.

Calling their ideas progressive still, while they go against God’s will,

His Righteous will for our land, is a thinking they do not understand.

They’re on the left, not the right, as they stray further from His Light,

They claim to represent everyone, except men who love God’s Son.

God’s Word speaks of their path, as it touches on folly’s aftermath,

Noting the wise lean to the right, as they avoid the folly of the night,

While the foolish, to the left side, where all Godly wisdom is denied,

While ignoring God’s Revelation, men change us into a liberal nation.

Such thinking is an affront to God, Who rules with a Righteous Rod,

Who could very well install over us, a leader who all the liberals trust,

To weaken further a moral base, that is sliding far from God’s Grace,

All because of changing days, which deny all God’s Righteous ways.

(Copyright ©02/2008)

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