Blessed To Be His Pen

I am blessed to be a pen, which God uses to speak to men,

As God’s Truth flows from in; Truths I’ve received from Him,

Truth from within His Word, which many still have not heard,

So God put within me care, and with a pen this Truth I share.

I do not have a big degree, and yet, The Lord God uses me,

Guiding my pen as I write, Truths about His Grace and Light,

Truths I did not always know, but His Spirit helped me grow,

And now His Truth in my heart, to you with pen I now impart.

His Truth for me, is not new, but still a joy to share with you,

It’s the Truth that set me free, that helps me point to eternity.

The blessings begin to flow, when Christ you come to know,

Who helps men share His Word, until all on earth have heard.

To share His Truth, until then, The Lord helps me use my pen,

Guiding me, as I sow seed, through the verses that you read.

Many blessings God gives me, which the readers cannot see,

As His blessings fill my days, I lift up to Him all of the praise.

Just a line or two, will begin, from His Truth that dwells within,

Coupled with a thought of mine, when God pens another line,

Stirring thoughts day and night, it is Him, who helps me write.

It doesn’t matter how or when; I’m just blessed to be His pen.

(Copyright ©02/2008)

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