The Word of God

Within the heart, rebellion looms, of the soul in which it dooms,

To a life which opposes authority, even The God of all Eternity.

Always seeking their own way, regardless of what one may say,

Even rejecting Eternal Truth, in spite of another’s sound reproof.

In the heart of each and every man, there is a motive and a plan,

And if there’s rebellion in the mix, your intentions, God shall nix,

Rebellion is like witchcraft friend, which God will bring to an end.

Destroying it with all other sin, that brings no Glory at all to Him.

Rebellion began in the Garden, by whom, God will never pardon,

Satan, who caused us to rebel, will end up in the depths of Hell.

Before that man was quite pure, having fellowship with the Lord.

But, tainted when he listened to, Satan, who tempts me and you.

Lucifer, who fell from the top, has been rebelling since, nonstop,

Pulling souls to Hell with him, through the rebellion known as sin.

Rebellion’s been his best tool, for reducing man, down to a fool,

To turn a man’s heart and mind, against anything which is Divine.

Rebellion friend, is nothing new, and it affects, both me and you,

Satan sows rebellion in our life, to oppose the Son, Jesus Christ,

And through the power of his lie, all Truth, he leads men to deny,

To face death along with him; instead of forgiveness of their sin.

(Copyright ©01/2008)

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