Mysteries of The Kingdom

God's Sovereignty

Some mysteries of The Kingdom were, given in parables for us to infer,

Some secrets of The Kingdom of God, while still upon this earthly sod.

Parables spoken by Jesus Christ, to demonstrate Truths of Eternal Life,

Hidden from the hearts and eyes; where God’s Truths are just despised.

Christ spoke of the faithful sower, planting seed for the Eternal Grower,

Then Jesus Christ went on to say, that not all seed fell in the same way,

Some fell onto the walking path, and soon destroyed, by Satan’s wrath.

Some seed fell upon the rocky soil, and with no root, soon would spoil.

Some seed fell within thorny soil, and was unfruitful because of the toil.

But in good soil some was sown, and an abundance of fruit was grown.

The Kingdom, Christ went on to say, was just like a field in another way,

Where there was good seed sown, weeds around that wheat had grown.

For the enemy had sown in the field, weeds where the crop would yield,

But to not uproot what was good, he let the weeds grow as they would.

The weeds would remain until harvest, but not to be treated as the rest,

The weeds are bundled to be burned, saving the wheat as they learned.

And in the garden is the mustard seed, with a Truth that we could heed,

Small and unimpressive in size, but, from it the largest plant would rise.

Christ spoke of yeast and its effect, in The Kingdom through the Elect,

Just as it is mixed in the dough, with the Spirit, growth begins to show.

The Kingdom’s like hidden treasure, filling the finder with such pleasure,

That he hides it again and is glad, to buy the field, spending all he had.

Like a fine pearl found by a merchant; all his property, would be spent,

To buy this one pearl of such worth, one which he found, here on earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven’s like a net, of a fisherman and all of his catch,

When it’s full and pulled to shore, it had good fish but it also had more,

The good, put into baskets to keep; the bad thrown back into the deep.

This, just like the end of this Age, with the deep being an eternal grave,

When angels gather souls of men, the righteous and those condemned,

The condemned, to fires below, while the righteous, to Heaven they go.

All these parables spoken of, illustrate The Kingdom of Heaven above,

And by Jesus Christ, are given to us, who in Him have placed our trust.

(Copyright ©01/2008)

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