Freed Through His Riches

All are in bondage to Satan and sin, driven by hearts of flesh within,

But, Jesus Christ was sent to us, and in His Truth we place our trust.

It was The Father who sent Him, to save all His people from their sin,

Sent down to men who are but dust, our Emmanuel, to dwell with us.

Christ came with Truth to impart, to every weary and searching heart,

God’s Truth that sets captives free, flowing from a Cross at Calvary.

Truth that once within your heart, causes sinful ways to soon depart,

Defeating Satan for you and me; through Christ we gain the Victory.

A victory that won’t be denied, and in Heaven’s Glory we will reside,

With The Lord Jesus, forevermore, when we enter through His Door.

When His Spirit comes to live inside, in Christ He helps us to abide,

The Spirit gives men so much more, as they live for Christ our Lord.

Christ reaches down with His Grace, through The Spirit at any place,

Filling hearts with God’s Peace, from the greatest down to the least.

He empowers you to run the race, with His endless supply of Grace,

With power that shall not cease, coupled with God’s Joy and Peace.

It’s through Salvation, we are freed, from all Satan’s power eternally,

And all that we need to do is trust, our Savior who died for all of us.

Christ’s Spirit will dwell in your heart, and once inside will not depart.

So, take time to seek His face, and receive the Riches of His Grace.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

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