To pluck more men from the fire, on this day, is my heart’s desire,

To lead men to the light of Truth, so they won’t see God’s reproof,

Not a small rebuke my friend, as eternal darkness will be their end,

In those eternal flames of wrath, should they stay the present path.

I know this day my Redeemer lives, while new life to men He gives,

To all who call on Jesus Christ, God shall give to them Eternal Life.

All who’ve been deceived by men, who by God, stand condemned,

Must be reached with salvation, that comes from God’s Revelation.

Holding forth the Word of God, to spare men from God’s iron Rod,

The judging rod of God’s own Son, to judge the heart of everyone,

According to His Word we herald, not to some, but to all the world,

For when Christ returns again, His Judgment shall fall upon all men.

We need to reach men’s hearts, before the soul from earth departs,

Reach all men for Christ our Lord, helping the stray, to be restored,

Back, to The Rock of all Ages, through the Holy Scripture’s pages,

Where we find the only True Light, to lead lost souls from the night.

By The Savior I have been sent, with the Gospel, and to be vigilant,

To reach souls, as time is short, and soon all souls, Christ will sort,

And all men in the Book of Life, will enter eternity with Jesus Christ,

But, souls of those missing names, will be cast into eternal flames.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

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