The Story of Our Savior

The story of our Savior from above, begins with the Father’s Love,

Who sent His only Eternal Son, to become the Savior of everyone.

God sent Him to a world condemned, in the likeness of sinful men,

However, Christ was a sinless man, sent to be God’s perfect Lamb.

Although Christ was born on earth; He lived before that virgin birth,

He’s the Alpha and Omega, friend, and the Beginning and the End.

Christ formed this earth as Creator, then came down as our Savior,

So a body God prepared for Him, and He would die for all our sin.

Coming as that baby so small, yet, He was Lord and King over all,

King over Israel and every nation, sent with The Father’s Salvation.

Many Scriptures, God would fulfill, with Christ, as King over Israel,

To the Gentiles, He’d be the Light, to guide them out of their night.

That little infant born in Bethlehem, would be the Savior of all men,

Coming to reign on David’s Throne, to reign as King over His own.

And being God’s last Revelation, to tiny Israel and to every nation,

With a message of hope to herald, of redemption for all the world.

The story shall end in Eternity, in a place prepared for you and me,

The same Eternity of the past; one of no beginning, to forever last,

As in the clouds we’ll join together, to be with Jesus Christ forever,

When we gather to continue a story, that shall continue on in Glory.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

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