Too Late After

With God’s Word, they seldom bother; going to a man they call Father,

Who hides behind a religious collar, and feeds them deceptive fodder.

They don’t hear what Jesus said, as The Word by them is seldom read,

About giving reverence to only Him, The Lord, who died for all their sin.

They simply go on living their life, never lifting, as Savior, Jesus Christ,

But follow only men, who proclaim, their own religion, in Christ’s Name.

A Religion based on man’s works, but one sorely lacking eternal perks,

As they live out this life religiously, leading their sheep astray eternally.

Authority of Scripture they replace, with tradition that is far from Grace,

And when men are alive and well, Truth’s distorted, of Heaven and Hell.

They acknowledge Christ and the Cross, but leave men religiously lost,

Preaching salvation requires more, than a true belief in Christ our Lord!

But the Gospel is Christ died for us, and in Him alone we put our trust,

And man’s religion has no part, when Christ lives in the believer’s heart.

Man’s prayer’s not needed friend, as a believer’s life comes to an end,

Prayer sows false hope in the hearts, of unbelievers when one departs.

A true relationship with Jesus Christ, is man’s only hope for eternal life,

Without it, before a man has died, access into Heaven shall be denied.

How empty, is man’s vain, rote prayer, for if that person did truly care,

He would’ve led that soul to God, before he departed this earthly sod.

(Copyright ©12/2007)

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